The main issues covered by this Bill will be the changes proposed to the section 21 and section 8 notices. There has been a lot of discussion about abolishing the section 21 notice, currently it provides a platform for a ‘no fault’ eviction. Parliament want evictions to be justified which is the current use of the section 8 notice, usually issued when rent is in arrears. It doesn’t provide for repossession by the landlord who wants to sell the property.

This is going straight to White paper meaning it will be a policy document produced by our Government setting out proposals for future legislation. It can include a draft version of the Bill that is planned. This provides a basis for further consultation and discussion with those groups who may be affected by or interested in the subject allowing the ability to incorporate final changes.

Clearly the section 8 notice cannot replace the section 21 notice without changes including additional possession clauses. The case for doing this seems that it would make evictions faster and more efficient. The jury’s out on that as far as our industry and associations are concerned.

It’s believed that these changes will happen before the next election which is due in May 2024 but rumoured to be planned a year earlier.